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Thinking about adopting an older child?

by Christine Lindsey in From the Executive Director

I am asked all the time about becoming a foster parent.  Recently, a prospective foster father said, "fostering must be so very difficult - that's why agencies are always recruiting.  People must drop out when it gets hard."  He couldn't be more wrong.

Instead, at Family Service Center, we are always recruiting foster parents because the ones we have "fill up" with kids.  For families who are open to adopting a foster child, when a child placed with them becomes available for adoption, they jump at the chance.  So, the home with room for 3 foster kids now only has room for 2.  And then another is adopted.  And another.  Soon, the family is out of room, and we are busy recruiting again. 

This story repeats itself constantly.  Foster families are strong, and they know what they can handle.  We provide support, encouragement, counseling, and financial support - the families provide guidance, love, and a safe home.  It is a wonderful process.  The children waiting for a home are numerous, and we need people from all over the community to think about joining us in finding them a forever home.  

Here is a great article out this week about a boy who finally got his baby photos made when he was 13.  He found his way home, and, although his family has less room now for another foster child, I'm sure his agency is fine with that.  They can recruit more.


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